11 Secret Life Hacks Shared by Chinese Women to Make You Look More like A 25-Year-Old

9Foot acupressure

Foot acupressure is an essential part of Chinese women’s body care routine. Since they pay a lot of attention to their body, they tend to massage the female beauty points called the San Yin Jiao several times in a day. These are located on the inside of the lower leg and are paired points. Just find the highest point on your ankle and then measure up to 4 finger width up your leg to locate these points.

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How to perform the massage

To perform the massage, wrap your arms around your shins making sure that your thumbs are just above these points. Begin massaging them on both legs for 1 minute. Do this at least once daily. You will soon see the difference.

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10Massaging with a jade roller daily

According to old Chinese tradition, a flat jade stone was used for releasing tension from the facial muscles, and a jade roller was used for massaging the acupuncture points. A jade roller improves the facial blood circulation which helps in slowing down aging. These days, you can buy such a roller online or have it imported from China itself.

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11The woman who is 50 but looks 25

In the picture you can see a famous Chinese actress- Liu Xiaoqing who was born way back in 1955, while in the second pic is a popular Instagram blogger named Liu Yelin who happens to be 50 years old. Surprised? Who wouldn’t be? Most people would mistake them to be around 25.

Following these Chinese tips will definitely get you results, so why don’t you try them out sometime?

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