17 People Who Revived Old Object And Transformed Them Into Something Brand New

If you look around your home you will find something that could use a good cleaning. While most of us do not have time to sit down and clean things there are many people who find restoration projects very therapeutic. They find something that is in a horrible condition and then spends a few hours, or days in cleaning, repairing and bringing it back to its former glory. The before and after images of these projects are a sight to see. Here are some great examples of restoration projects that transformed old objects.


1An old Stanley plane

This Stanley plane was buried for 50 years. You can see how it is covered with a layer of earth and rust. This device is used to shape wood using muscle power but in the condition, it was found it could do nothing. Thankfully whoever found it was kind enough to clean it up. Once the restoration was complete it looks brand new.

An old Stanley plane

Image Source: bugaga.ru


2An old lamp

This lamp was seen in the user’s grandparent’s home. It is a stunning handcrafted work of art. But since their grandparents can’t clean it, it gathered dust and lost its shine. No worries as with a little bit of effort the user was able to restore the lamp to its previous glory.

An old lamp

Image Source: greenlemon.me


3The white fence shines

The white fence is something that many people associate with the American dream. This is something that many people would love to see in front of their homes. But over time that white fence does lose its shine. But with a little effort, you can make it look as good as new.

The white fence shines

Image Source: yandex.net


4The deck

The back deck is something that does not get enough love. We always worry about how the front of our homes look as that is what other people will also be seeing. But the backside of our homes also deserves our love and attention. This homeowner decided to clean it up and look how glossy and classy it looks now.

The deck

Image Source: ribalych.ru


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