16 Incredible Thought-Provoking Artworks About Modern Society Problems

We live in a world where people try their best to spread awareness about things that concern the whole world. One of those people is Steffen Kraft. He is a German illustrator who uses his incredible drawing skills to illustrate thought-provoking artwork about modern issues.


He is known by his online followers as ‘Iconeo’ and his work has been praised by many platforms. A picture speaks a thousand words and his art speaks to a million hearts. We’ve gathered some of his best work to show you just how talented how this man truly is.

1The truth about war

Wars are started by the heads of countries but have to be fought by the armies. Millions of innocent men have lost their lives in wars. Every soldier thinks that they need to kill or they will be killed, but in reality, they are all just following instructions. If only soldiers understood that they were just like their enemies, perhaps bloodshed could have been stopped.

The truth about war

Image Source: instagram.com

2Starting early

In some countries of the world, war has become a part of their everyday existence. Children don’t go to school but are instead taught how to use weapons. This picture captures that reality beautifully. Along with pencils and erasers, there are also guns and bullets in a child’s stationery pouch.

Starting early

Image Source: pinimg.com

3The earth is melting

In this picture, the glob has melted, leaving only the stand. There is also an orange circle, possibly representing the sun in the background. This is representative of how the polar ice caps are melting, with sea levels rising. As temperatures are rising due to global warming, all reserves of ice everywhere are melting. Eventually, there will be no supply of fresh water and water will become scarce.

The earth is melting

Image Source: etsystatic.com

4We use whatever we want

Being the primary species on the planet, we do whatever we want, however we want it. We have used our beautiful blue oceans as garbage disposals, hoping that whatever we dump in the ocean never comes back to us. But dirty beaches and water is a reminder that we did these ourselves. We have made the ocean our dustbin, ensuring that we now live with damaged oceans and animals.

We use whatever we want

Image Source: instagram.com

5There’s something in the water

Sometimes we don’t like going to the beach because it’s dirty and the water has too much garbage in it. But have we ever wondered how aquatic animals feel, whose homes we have encroached upon and polluted? The corporations we feed money are dumping out their wastes ceaselessly into the oceans, thus ruining the environment of aquatic creatures. They have to now live among plastic and metals that we dumped into the ocean.

There’s something in the water

Image Source: ninstagram.com


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