8 Important Skills That You Can Learn Within 10 Minutes Only

6Learn basic search techniques of Google

There is no denying the fact that Google has become an integral part of our lives especially of those who are employed in jobs related to computers. Google is the largest search engine and it can answer almost every question that crops up in our mind but there are some techniques which can help you in searching faster.

Learn basic search techniques of Google
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Search techniques:

If you have to search for multiple queries, you can use “or” for multiple queries and you can keep the phrase in the quotes (“”) for getting the correct and exact results. You can also look for the specific website or the domain by writing in this manner – site: Facebook.

Search techniques

7Identifying the stroke

The reason behind the occurrence of stroke is that the brain doesn’t get the blood supply. It can be life-taking but if a person gets proper medical treatment at the right time then there are chances of person getting saved. However, it is necessary that people should know about the early symptoms of the stroke so that they can take the patient to the hospital at right time.

Identifying the stroke
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It can be done using “FAST”

FAST is the short form given by American Stroke Association of the four early symptoms of stroke. F stands for face droopiness and it happens on one side of the face, A is for arm weakness because of which the person is not able to lift his arm and feel very weak. S denotes speech as the person has problem in talking and T is for the time, which means that if you see these signs in someone, it is time to call for the medical assistance quickly.

Heart attack symptoms
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8How to jump-start a car battery?

Sometimes a car may not start because the battery may be dead and this can happen any time so it is essential for every driver to learn how to jump-start a car battery. However, first of all, you should make sure that your car is not starting because of battery problem and there is no other problem. If there is cranking sound when you start the ignition, then battery is fine and there is some other problem.

How to jump-start a car battery
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The procedure

You will need another car for this purpose and it will be better if it is also of the same voltage power as your car. Apply the parking brakes of both the cars and ignitions of both the cars should also be turned off. The red clips of the cable should be connected to the positive terminals which can identified by POS and “+” while one black clip should be connected to negative terminal and other one should be connected to unpainted metal. Turn-on the ignition of other car and after sometime, start your car’s engine as well.

The procedure
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