8 Important Skills That You Can Learn Within 10 Minutes Only

3Learn some basic self-defense moves

It is not possible for everyone to become a martial art expert but learning some basic self-defense moves is definitely possible for everyone. You may be a peace-loving person but there is no harm in getting trained to save yourself from those who won’t mind harming you just to rob your money or belongings.

Learn some basic self-defense moves
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Some basic moves

If the robber holds your hand try to hit him in his eyes with your free hand and if both your hands are in his hold, then hit at his knees with your foot. Basically, the best way to save yourself is to injure him and run before he regain his senses and tries to harm you.

Some basic moves
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4Learn to decode a map

We know that nowadays smartphones have made it very easy to use GPS but if you are fond of trekking or visiting remote areas then you should also learn how to find directions using maps because you can never depend on electronic devices alone. There may be a charging problem or network problem and at that time, a map will be your best friend.

Learn to decode a map
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5Getting inside the car after the key is left inside the car:

Sometimes whenever we are in a hurry, we tend to make a mistake of leaving the car key inside the car and then when we return we see that the car is locked and the key is also inside. There is a way to open the door of your car without taking the help of a mechanic or a professional but for that, you will need a blood pressure cuff.

Getting inside the car after the key is left inside the car
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How to use blood pressure cuff?

From the top corner of driver’s seat, slip the deflated pressure cuff in the gap between the door and the car frame. Once it is placed properly, inflate the pressure cuff and once the gap is formed, use a wire or rod to pull the door but be careful and don’t damage the door.

How to use blood pressure cuff
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