15 Household Hacks Which Are Basically Life-Savers

11The multi purpose stove trick

The next time you clean your gas stove be sure to include a little wax in the process. You will see that cleaning the stove with a little car wax will not only give it a brand new polish but will also make your gas spill-free. The next time you spill something on it or drop something it will be substantially easier to wipe it off.

The multi purpose stove trick

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12How do you clean blenders?

Do you know cleaning a blender is perhaps the easiest task of all? You don’t have to clean the sharp blades with your hands and in fact, the blender can clean itself with the right ingredients. Just out in some soap and water in it, out the lid on and switch it on. You will see that not only it is faster and very efficient, but this way you can also clean the blender more regularly. And most people admit that they put off cleaning their blenders as it is too much of a hassle.

How do you clean blenders

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13Check your eggs

If an egg drowns when submerged in a bowl of water, it’s fine if you consume it and it’s still healthy. If it sinks, it means it has started to go stale, and though you can consume it, it is preferable to not eat it at all. In fact, the fresher the eggs, the more they drown.

Check your eggs

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14Garbage bag problem

If you are weary of a slipping trash bag, try this method. You are going to need two sticky wall hooks and a drawstring garbage bag. You need to stick one hook on either side of the garbage bag and you hook the strings on it.

Garbage bag problem

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