15 Household Hacks Which Are Basically Life-Savers

You might not be a kitchen expert or a domestic God but there are several key methods which you must be aware of if you own a kitchen or even a home. They say the best and the most productive hacks are the ones which are simple and handy. Not because they can be done by everybody but because they save you a whole lot of time and are very useful in emergency situations. Many of these hacks will not cost you anything and can be achieved by using basic kitchen and household tools.


For instance, do you know that you do not need to struggle with cleaning out your blender because it can clean itself if you put in some soapy water? Or how you can cut perfect birthday cakes without a knife. These are hacks which will not only make your life simpler but will also make you very popular with your friends.

1Best party trick ever?

This hack is a lifesaver when you suddenly have friends over or are in need of a chilled drink amid the blaring summer. Chilling drinks fast is something that everyone wants and although the refrigerator companies claim that they can do so within minutes, we all know it takes around least an hour. The best method to chill a drink is to take a pot-style container and fill it with ice. You can then put the bottles in it and surround them with the ice. Also, make sure you add a few cups of water and some salt for faster results.

Best party trick ever

Image Source: finetailored.com

2Can walnut fix the stain on your furniture?

Stain or bruises on our furniture is the worst of our worries. Mainly because they are so difficult to get out. But did you know you can get rid of these marks with something from your kitchen? Turns out walnut is very useful in removing stains from wooden furniture. Here’s how it works: Take the flesh out if a walnut’s shell and rub it on the furniture. The oil released from the nut is the one thing which will clean your furniture and will do so very fast.

Can walnut fix the stain on your furniture

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3Listening to music the right way

Are you too broke to buy a new set of speakers? Turns out you can make your own speaker with a kitchen item. Just place your phone or iPod in a bowl which will act as a speaker. The bowl amplifies the sound coming from the device as it’s concave shaped. You can in fact try it even of you do have speakers as it sometimes works better.

Listening to music the right way

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4Coasters on wood?

We always make it a point to put coasters below the cups or glasses so as to not leave a mark on the wood. This also gets embarrassing when you are expecting guests and can’t get rid of the rings fast enough. The best thing to do would be to use your hairdryer. Turn the dryer on to low to medium settings and you will see that the rings have disappeared after 2 to 3 minutes.

Coasters on wood

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5Deal with care

Handling delicate crockery is always a pain. You’ll often notice that small breakable prices like tiny cups or holders are vulnerable when they are being loaded into a dishwasher. What you can do is take a used mesh cloth like the ones you use for laundry. This way they won’t break even if you drop them by accident and will also not leave scratches.

Deal with care

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