Easy To Use Hacks To Keep Food Fresh For A Longer Period Of Time

11Easily store soup

If you have some extra soup and would like to store it but you do not have a place in your fridge then this solution is great for you. All you will need are a few zip lock bags and a large mug. Open the zip lock bag and place it in the mug for support and start pouring your soup into it. Use as many zip lock bags as needed to store all your soup. Once the soup is in the bags just place it in your fridge. They will not take up much space and whenever you need it just warm it up.

Easily store soup

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12Keep insects away from your flour

If you’re tired of insects in your flour then all you will need are some bay leaves. After you fill your storage container with flour, place a few bay leaves on the top. Make sure they are dry so as to not ruin your flour. The scent of the bay leaves will keep the insects away.

Keep insects away from your flour

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13Keep salt fresh

Don’t you hate it when your salt in your salt shaker turns into lumps due to moisture and refuses to come out? A nice way to get around this problem is to use rice. Place a teaspoon of rice in your salt shaker. The rice will absorb the moisture and keep the salt dry and fresh.

Keep salt fresh

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14Keep bread fresh

No matter how well you tie your opened packet of bread it will go dry and moldy after a few days. But, you can avoid this by using a stick of celery. Place a stick of celery inside your packet of bread. The celery will allow your bread to be stored for a longer period of time.

Keep bread fresh

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15Use tin foil to keep vegetables fresh

If you want to keep vegetables like celery, cucumber, carrots, and many other fresh then use tin foil. The foil will keep these vegetables fresh for a longer period of time. The tinfoil keeps in the moisture that allows the vegetables to stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Use tin foil to keep vegetables fresh

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