Easy To Use Hacks To Keep Food Fresh For A Longer Period Of Time

6Store ginger for longer

If you want to preserve ginger for a longer period of time then all you have to do is place it in water. You can keep it with the skin on but wash it before trying to preserve it so as to remove any dirt or germs. Wash the ginger the peel it or leave it with the skin on in a large jar. Fill the jar with cold boiled water and refrigerate it.

Store ginger for longer

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7Keep parsley longer

If you love having parsley but hate when it dries up and turns black then this trick is for you. All you need is a jar, some water, a rubber band, and a zip lock bag. Fill the jar with water and place the rubber band on the outside of it. Place your parsley in the jar making sure the stems are submerged in the water and place the zip lock bag over it. Use the rubber band to hold the bag in place and you’re done.

Keep parsley longer

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8Store rice with no insects

If you want to store rice without the fear of insects getting into it then all you need is some dry chilies and garlic. Make sure the chili is sun-dried and not fresh and that the garlic still has the outer covering and is not peeled. Place the chili at the bottom of your storage jar and pour in your rice. When you reach mid-way drop in a few unpeeled pods of garlic.

Store rice with no insects

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9Store leftover pancakes

If you make way too many pancakes and would like to store them all you need is food paper and a zip lock bag. Place a sheet of food paper and place your pancakes on it with good distance in-between. Place another sheet of food paper over it and refrigerate it. After keeping it in the fridge for a few hours place them in a zip lock bag and keep them back in the fridge. Now, whenever you want you can have pancakes and just need to microwave them.

Store leftover pancakes

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10Store tomatoes

To store tomatoes all you need is a plastic bag and a straw. If you have a vacuum pump at home then you can use that or straw will do. Place all your tomatoes in the plastic bag and place your vacuum pump or straw in the mouth of the bag. Use the pump to suck out all the air or use the straw. Once all the air is out close the bag and now these tomatoes will be fresh for a month.

Store tomatoes

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