15 Habits You Thought Were Harmless But Are Actually Not

11Chewing bubble gum too often

Chewing bubble gum all the time stimulates the production of gastric juices. These basically eat through an empty stomach and can cause gastritis and ulcers. Chewing gum increases saliva production and this can eat through the enamel and dental fillings. Chewing gum actually improves memorization and concentration but it impacts short-term memory making you impatient and less focused.

Chewing bubble gum too often

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12Sticking things into your nose

Everyone knows that the nose needs to be cleaned because there is a lot of dirt and mucus accumulated inside. Most of us tend to use our fingers or some kind of a solution. Doctors advise against putting something pointy inside the nose. If you have long nails, you can cause lacerations. There is, however, a better option.

Sticking things into your nose

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13The alternative

Experts recommend using a cotton swab in certain situations.  If you have had a rhinoplasty, use a swab to clean. Don’t blow your nose as it will cause bleeding and damage. If you have had your nose pierced, use a swab to clean inside the nose and around the piercing, as it is very important to keep it clean to avoid infections. Whenever you need to apply a solution inside our nose, use a cotton swab instead of just pouring it in.

The alternative

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14Using hot water to wash hair

Most of us love to take a hot shower after a long day. It is very relaxing. But did you know that it can damage your scalp and brain vessels and cause other problems? It can cause headaches and dizziness. It can also cause the sebaceous glands on the scalp to be enhanced, which makes the scalp greasy and dirty. Shower in hot water but don’t wash your hair.

Shower - Hand Face

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15Sleeping on your stomach

We all know someone who sleeps on their stomach. While it is comfortable for a lot of people, it is also extremely harmful. Breathing in this position is strained. The neck is twisted and the vertebrae are strained. Blood circulation becomes worse and you might get permanent wrinkles. Doctors warn against sleeping this way and though it is hard to change, you should try to not sleep in this position.

Sleeping on your stomach

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