15 Habits You Thought Were Harmless But Are Actually Not

6Chewing on solid things

Most of us have seen someone chewing on a pen or pencil while thinking or focusing. This is a very bad habit. Not only does it ensure the possibility of getting an infection, but it also causes a ton of damage to the teeth and gums. This also applies to chewing ice cubes, lollipops, nuts, etc.

Chewing on solid things

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7Using toothpicks

Using toothpicks may not cause any harm to our teeth, because they are protected by enamel, but it does cause harm to the gums. Using toothpicks may seem like an easy way to clean your teeth, but it doesn’t clean properly. Dentists advise against the use of toothpicks and suggest using dental floss instead.

Using toothpicks

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8Holding your need to visit the bathroom

We often tend to hold our need to urinate as we feel it’s a waste of time. But this practice is dangerous and can cause harm to the kidneys, the intestines and the urinary system. Doctors say that you can injure your muscles which can lead to a urinary tract infection and constipation if you try to hold it in.

Holding your need to visit the bathroom

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9A scary instance of this

In June 2018, a young gamer was hospitalized in Great Britain. He had been playing games for 8 hours straight and hadn’t visited the bathroom. As a result of holding it in, his intestines and bladders were extremely bloated. Doctors said that it resembled a tumor or cancer. This case proves that visiting the washroom at regular intervals is important.

A scary instance of this

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10Shelling seeds using teeth

There are several seeds like sunflower seeds that are very nutritious and tasty. However, you should never try to peel them with your teeth. This causes damage to the teeth and this can easily be seen by a dentist. Seeds should also be avoided by people with gallbladder problems as the seeds have high calories (more than 500 kcal per 100 grams).

Shelling seeds using teeth

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