15 Habits You Thought Were Harmless But Are Actually Not

There are many daily habits that we believed to be completely harmless and normal but that was a mistake. Now we’re slowly learning that what we thought was normal is actually harming us in a big way.


There are many things we do every day that we think is normal and completely harmless but in the long run, we will realize how harmful they really were. So, to avoid that problem later in life, we need to change how we do certain things and try to avoid them if we want to stay safe and healthy.


According to some research conducted by scientist and ex-vocalist Robert Sataloff, we strain our vocal cords while whispering. These strains have a high possibility of causing micro-injuries to the larynx. These injuries can prove to be more harmful if you are someone who needs to talk a lot, for work or for any other reason.


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2Rubbing your face and eyes often

We tend to rub our eyes when we feel tired. However, this is not advised. Our hands touch a lot of things, most of which carry germs even if they look clean. When we touch our face and rub our eyes, we are transferring these germs to these sensitive areas. On the face, acne, herpes, and other infections might show up. In the eyes, chances of getting conjunctivitis may increase.

Rubbing your face and eyes often

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3Licking wounds

The first thing we do when we get a small cut is suck on it, right? This is a very harmful practice. Scientists from Harvard University calculated and found that more than 600 different species of microorganisms live inside our mouths. By licking the wound, we are introducing dangerous microorganisms like staphylococci and streptococci to the coagulated blood, which is perfect for germs to grow. Instead of licking, just apply some specialized medicine.

Licking wounds

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4Stifling sneezes

We sneeze when germs and dust need to be expelled from the body. Stifling a sneeze can be very harmful because we are essentially retaining these things. There is another reason why you shouldn’t stifle a sneeze. The entire power of the sneeze that built up will reverse and damage your hearing, your esophagus and increase blood pressure.

Stifling sneezes

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5Reading in bed

Reading in bed affects the eyes, the spinal cord and the neck skin, even leading to deep horizontal wrinkles on the neck. However, holding the book at a distance, not reading while lying on your stomach and not lying on your side and reading are a few tips to help. The best option is to read and then get into bed.

Reading in bed

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