A Grandma’s Pool Cleaning Hacks and Tips Goes Viral and You Can Try Them Too

9How a tennis ball can help clean your pool

Do you know how to play tennis? Well even if you don’t, then you should still buy a tennis ball just to clean your pool. There will always be a lot of oil floating on the surface of the pool left by swimmers. This can make the water look really cloudy. Just take a tennis ball and throw it into the pool and let it float ion the water. The tennis ball floats around collecting and absorbing the oil as it does so.


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10Get rid of bees and wasps around the pool

Bees and wasps can also spoil the fun time of your pool especially when it involves kids. Citronella candles work well but these are expensive, so don’t bother about them. What you can do is to just chuck in some drier seats into the basket liners around the pool and you will find the pests gone or even reduced to a great extent.


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11What to do about pool wall stains

This is one problem with all pools where the walls get stained repeatedly due to the slime and grime as well as dust and dirt all sticking together. Use vinegar or lime juice to clean the tiles of the pool. Just rub the tiles and walls with vinegar and the grime is gone. Another way is to use baking soda for the same purpose which is pool friendly as it will alkalize the water.


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12Don’t be afraid to shock a cloudy pool

By shocking, we don’t mean to pass electricity into the pool. Shocking refers to drastically increasing chlorine levels for a short while to kill all the bacteria in the pool. You have to dilute the water three to five times with chlorine or any other pool sanitizing chemical and then allowing it to filter throughout the pool and refilling the pool again over time. Once or twice every season is enough as too often would damage the siding of the pool.


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13Power wash to make the pool deck shine

You can get your deck to shine by power washing. Also called pressure washing, you can get rid of the rust and weather stains by doing so. You don’t need to purchase a power washer which can be rented at a home improvement store. First sweep the deck free of dirt and leaves and the use the machine on medium spray till the surface is clean. Keep the nozzle several feet off the surface of the deck of the pool to prevent gouging.


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