A Grandma’s Pool Cleaning Hacks and Tips Goes Viral and You Can Try Them Too

5How does it work?

Once she sees the water getting cloudy, she drops the magic eraser into the skimmer and that soon starts working for her. The results speaks for themselves as you can see, this is a photo of her with a green piece of foam ion her hands. She is standing right in front of her beautiful pool.


“Holla bing holla boom,” Pack said. “The cloudiness left and my sponge looks like this. I’m pretty excited to think something so cheap could help so much.”

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6To make it cheaper

To make cleaning your pool more cost-effective, you can also purchase packages of melamine foam in bulk because magic erasers are made out of the same material and it makes more sense using the melamine foam instead of the branded product. Pack says “There’s nothing,” Pack brags about her spotless pool. “There’s no green, there’s no slime on the bottom. There was no green in sight – it was amazing.”

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7You can also try these extra tips that help to keep the pool clean

If this tip of Lisa Pack’s interested you, then here are some more tips to clean your pool. One of them is to wrap some pantyhose around the skimmer basket and this helps it clean the pool more efficiently. This works like an extra filter and blocks the smaller particles. However, one end of the hose needs to be tied tight and it should be changed whenever necessary.

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8If you have a sand filter in your pool

If there is a sand filter in your pool, then you can add a bit of diatomaceous earth so that it gets even cleaner. Diatomaceous earth helps the sand in the filter stay together which creates an efficient barrier against the smallest of debris.

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