A Grandma’s Pool Cleaning Hacks and Tips Goes Viral and You Can Try Them Too

Having a pool may be a luxury and everyone would like one but the biggest problem is maintaining it. You have to make sure it is clean, maintain the chemical balance using chlorine, scrub down the sides for slime and remove trash such as fallen leaves and garbage. In spite of all this, you may wake up in the morning with your pool filthy all the same. The same goes for the pools edges and surrounding areas. Getting in and out of the pool makes the ground discoloured and grubby. However, the professionals over at Beam SoftWash can get that grub off pretty easily with their pressure washers. It’s far less hassle than cleaning the pool and doesn’t need to be done as often. There are other ways to get your pool sparkling clean too though. For example, some people like to use robot pool cleaners to get their pool back to its best. Tempted to learn more? Check out this source: Poolcleanerio.com to read a wide selection of robot pool cleaner reviews. There is nothing quite like a clean swimming pool after all.


1A woman creates the perfect way to clean pools

To counter the problems of cleaning a pool, one 49-year-old woman has come up with some neat hacks that you are going to love because they are inexpensive and actually work. This woman spent a long time, in fact, months scrubbing and vacuuming her pool just to keep it looking blue when she hit upon the fantastic ideas.

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2Lisa spent several hours daily trying to clean her pool

Lisa Pack 49 is a grandmother living in Ohio. She spent a long time trying to clean her pool and though she was not a pool cleaner, she managed to find out some pretty amazing ways to keep her pool clean. What she has to tell you will work brilliantly for your pool, just try it and see. Read on to know more about her tips for cleaning a pool.

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3The brains behind the hacks

The person behind the creative process of cleaning Lisa’s pool is her grand-daughter Whitney who stumbled across the information on social media. Lisa says everyone knows my pool is green by this time of year.” That is about to change. She made pretty sure; she was going to have a spotless pool.

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4A simple solution to clean the pool

One of the solutions seems too simple but it actually works. All she does is put just one Mr. Clean magic eraser into the skimmer bucket of the pool. The work is done by the foam square that cleans the pool and keeps it clean. Previous to using this trick, Lisa says she would spend almost 45 minutes cleaning her pool.

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