10 Furniture Arrangements To Make The Most Of Your Small Living Room

Living in a small place makes it difficult to get the interior décor right. Deciding where to place your furniture especially in your living room proves rather challenging because you need to avoid making your home seem cramped. As such, you will have to be very cautious about your arrangements. You will have to be very accurate about measures, and focal points, and be very specific about the purpose of the space.


But, if you knew that there are ways in which you can create harmonic compositions without having to buy new items, wouldn’t you give it a try? Here are 10 easy ideas on how you can make good furniture arrangements in a small house so that you can make the best of your small living room.

1The conversation arrangement

The main focus of this configuration is on your social life. These furniture arrangements will allow everyone sitting in your living room to have a good conversation with each other. Place chairs and sofas in a round or square orientation with a good coffee table in between for drinks or snacks to be served on. But, make sure that there is enough space in between the seats so that people can be comfortable while still having enough space to move around the room.

The conversation arrangement

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22 focal points layout

You need to organize your room in such a way that everyone can access both of them which is why this arrangement is oriented by 2 focal points. These focal points are usually the fireplaces, TVs, or windows. All these areas deserve attention. In a small room place your biggest item like your sofa facing one spot and arrange the other furniture in a way in which they have a view of the other spot.

2 focal points layout

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3The diagonal design

If you arrange your furniture in a diagonal layout it will improve the flow of circulation in your living room, especially if your living room is square in design. This diagonal layout with the proper furniture arrangements can aesthetically balance everything. It won’t only be easy to set up but will also save space. By simply rotating your furniture at a 45° angle you will feel as if you have a brand new room.

The diagonal design

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