10 Fantastic Housekeeping Hacks That Clean Your Home Naturally

8The toilet

Yes, the elephant in the room, the toilet. The most used and perhaps the most potentially dirty part of the house. How to keep this beast clean? Again, the answer lies in the superpower of Vinegar! Clean your toilet with undiluted vinegar it’s the most effective way to clean and disinfect the toilet. It’s that simple!

The Toilet

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9A microfiber sofa cover

Spilled your milkshake on the sofa, the stains will be there to haunt you for months if not for years. If it’s a light shaded sofa, then the stains will be there for the whole world to see which is embarrassing. To clean this, you will need:

  • A sponge
  • A bottle full of isopropyl alcohol
  • A brush
  • Baking soda

Place the isopropyl alcohol on the sponge and rub the stains properly. For the microfibres, use a toothbrush to do the same. Finally, sprinkle some baking soda to do away with all the foul smell emanating from the sofa covers. Sun it or leave it for drying under the fan. Then dust off the baking powder.

Microfiber sofa cover

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10The refrigerator

The Refrigerator is yet another problem to clean because it stores so many different types of food liable to spill leak and smell if bad. So how do we clean? There are 2 steps to it. First, you can physically clean up the fridge and then eliminate the smells which comes from it as this can really affect stored food.

To make a fridge cleaning solution, dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda in 1 litre of water and scrub the inside of the fridge with it. Now for removing odors, put pieces of dark bread or a glassful of baking soda and slices of lemon. This works wonders or you can also place an absorbent piece of coal.

The refrigerator

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