10 Fantastic Housekeeping Hacks That Clean Your Home Naturally

4A mattress

Nasty stains on bed covers and mattresses make it look unhygienic for use. Stains left too long an attract germs and microbes too. We must clean them as soon as we can and here’s how to do it. Add 235ml of hydrogen peroxide with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and a drop of liquid soap. Make sure you use the mixture immediately after making it. You could also make it in a spray bottle for convenience. Spray the mixture on the stains and dirty spots on the mattress. Let this remain but place the mattress under a fan or use a drier to dry it faster. Just vacuum the remnants of baking soda from the mattress and it’s good to go.

A mattress

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5The oven

Cleaning an oven is scary especially if you haven’t done so for some time. But there is a hack here as well which will make your life easier. For this you need just ammonia. Just leave ammonia powder in a bowl in your unheated oven for a night. Make sure it is turned off. The next morning simply wash the oven but make sure there’s proper ventilation. You’ll be amazed how easily the grease and grime just peels off leaving a shiny oven. The only drawback is the stench of ammonia so wear a mask and a glove while washing your oven.

The oven

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6The kettle

A Kettle is something we use several times a day to make tea or coffee or just boil water. It is very easy to get discoloured from overuse. Sometimes, nasty stains do not go by washing in a regular dishwasher. This is actually called kettle furring and it can be removed with vinegar.


Now fill the kettle halfway with equal amounts of water and vinegar and block the nose of it. Now boil the water for as long as the furring needs to come off. Once clean, rinse with water and you have a sparkly kettle ready for use.

The kettle

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Due to overuse or age, dishes get discoloured which makes them look unhygienic to cook food in. Stains just don’t seem to come off. To remove stubborn old stains, you need dry mustard and baking soda. Mix these 2 items in the ratio of 1:3. Put the mixture in a bottle with a perforated lid, it will b easier to use when you need to sprinkle the powder.


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