10 Fantastic Housekeeping Hacks That Clean Your Home Naturally

Modern house cleaning agents and detergents may be highly effective in keeping your house clean but they can be harmful as well. To completely stop using all these products is impossible but we can definitely minimise the negative effects of these cleaning agents by replacing them with some natural cleaning remedies that can keep your home and kitchen clean. The use of organic natural products in these house cleaning tips is better than chemicals.


1 Bathroom tiles

To keep the bathroom tiles sanitised and sparkling clean:

  • 1/4th glass of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tablespoon of liquid soap
  • 1.2 glass of water

Mix these ingredients well. Now use a sponge to wipe the muck off tiles. Then wipe again with a cloth soaked in the solution. You can also pour the solution over the tiles and scrub them with a soft scrubber. After you have done wiping and scrubbing the tiles with this mixture just wash the tiles with water. The tiles will be shiny by this time. If there is a lot of stubborn dirt and marks, then spread the solution on the tiles and allow to remain for some time. The solution dissolves the dirt making it easier to scrub off. Just repeat the sponge wiping again one last time before the final washing down with water.


Now for the long-term cleansing of your bathroom or kitchen tiles, mix water and vinegar at the ratio of 1:1 and spray tiles with this liquid at least twice a week. Don’t forget to scrub the tiles with the sponge after the vinegar spray!

Bathroom tiles

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2A gas stove

Yes, this is a real nightmare in every household especially for families serious about home cooking regularly. There is always something that spills and stains your stoves, including the burners and knobs. How to keep them clean? Among kitchen cleaning tips, here is the magic combination again, you need.

  • Q tips
  • Ammonia
  • Old tooth brush

Among kitchen cleaning tips, ammonia may not be suitable for everything but it is certainly great for removing the grime on burners better. Just place your removable burners in a zipper-top bag. Now add ammonia and seal. Leave overnight. Rinse the burners in the morning and see how they shine. You could also dip Q tips in the Ammonia drops and rub greasy spots with it thoroughly. For more stubborn grease or stains, use the toothbrush to scrub the cooktop. Wear a plastic glove when dealing with Ammonia to protect your hands.

A gas stove

Image Source: pinimg.com

3Kitchen exhaust hood filters

The thought of actually cleaning such things is quite overwhelming. That’s why most people leave it untouched to collect dirt. Here’s what to do to make it as good as new.

  • ½ cup of baking soda
  • ½ glass of Ammonia
  • Boil water in a big pot and pour in the baking soda. Now remove the filters and put them in the boiling water. The grime and dirt get removed almost instantly. Remove the pot from the stove and let the filters release their muck in the water. If the filters were dirty and grimy for a very long time, then repeat the process with a fresh mixture of ammonia and water again. If the stubborn grime still remains, dunk the filters in the boiling water with ammonia. A ½ glass of ammonia for 3.5 liters of water would be enough for this process. When using ammonia, keep windows and doors open and wear gloves and a mask for protection.

    Kitchen exhaust hood filters

    Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn


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