11 Sure Tips to Help You Distinguish Between Real and Fake Brands

8Christian Louboutin shoes

If you place an original pair of Louboutin shoes on a flat surface, the toes and heels will align. The shoes are distinctively shaped making sure the heels and sides of the shoes are not high and tightly attached to the ground which is a trademark of the brand. The material is the same on main part of the shoe and the heel.


The sole of original Louboutin shoes are always bright red in colour. There are stamps displaying “Christian Louboutin”, “Made in Italy”, and the size. Some leather models have “Vero Cuoio” written on them. The Christian Loubotin stamp is embossed instead of printed, no other stamps will be found.

Image Source: keepo.me

9Apple Ear Pods earphones

Original Apple Ear pods are sold in a plastic box. If there is a hint of blue, then it is definitely the original. However, a yellowish hint suggests a fake model. The entire weight of the box along with the product weighs 1.8 oz. The product is a signature of finesse. The hatch on the speakers is metallic in case of an original and plastic in case of a fake one. The originals also ensure markings for the specific ears.

Image Source: theinstapic.com

10Samsung phones

The Samsung phones are provided with AMOLED displays for most models. Its characteristic black colour is a prominent feature of its originality. Any other colour only suggests that it is fake. There is a secret key code that can be entered in the original Samsung Galaxy which opens a special application testing menu. This helps in testing the different features of the phone. The lower surface of the battery contains the model code, the serial number, and the IMEI. This is characteristic of original Samsung phones.

Image Source: brightside.me

11Any brand

Irrespective of the brand you choose, you must ensure checking on the packaging and its firmness. Established manufacturers ensure good quality of the product as well as the packaging. The exteriors tend to prove the attention they pay not only to the product but its packing as well.

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