11 Sure Tips to Help You Distinguish Between Real and Fake Brands

4Rolex watch

The clockface of a Rolex is made of sapphire glass. On placing a drop on the dial, it remains the same. The calendar is slightly elevated. All models produced after 2002 have a small crown placed near the number 6 on the reverse side of the glass.

Image Source: novi.ba

Look at the second hand

The second hand of a Rolex watch is smooth and does not jump while ticking. Even straining will not help in hearing the ticking sound. Rolex copies tend to have a transparent back panel instead of a metal one.

Image Source: www.bankslyon.co.uk

5Ray-Ban glasses

The case is made of leather cloth and has the official logo on the button. The cover is uneven and rough as compared to the back. There is black velour inside. The left lens of all models has an irremovable Ray-Ban writing. The right lens has laser engraving. The serial number, colour of the glasses, lens diameter, etc is displayed on the left arm. The right arm contains the model name.

Image Source: postsynoticias.com

6Converse sneakers

The sole of an original is a minimum of 1.18 inches high. The back is engraved with an “ALL STAR” sign with an “R” in the middle of the writing. Converse sneakers are usually sold laced. The sticker on the reverse side of the tongue tag is raised unlike the fake ones that have paper instead. The upper part also features broad stitching with a serial number of 6 characters.

Image Source: cdnser.be

7Air Max sports shoes

The original Air Max shoes have an air chamber under a transparent plastic cover. If you are unable to notice the air chamber, you are probably looking at a fake pair. You can confirm the air chamber by simply pressing the transparent cover. If it is tough to push and restores its shape eventually, you are definitely holding the original Air Max. There is no tag on any of the pairs of these shoes that were manufactured post 2008. Instead, the tag is attached thermally. The high quality gum used in the sole is another characteristic of the originals.

Image Source: .mynet.com.tr

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