11 Sure Tips to Help You Distinguish Between Real and Fake Brands

People around the world are consumer-oriented where products and brands are soaring in business because of the trend to shop. Discounts and sales at departmental stores see crazy crowds because of the madness of acquiring goods just because they are on sale. But, in the melee of purchasing, no one realizes if the products they are buying are indeed branded or cheap imitations.  People invariably find out when it is too late. One can easily avoid these common mistakes with awareness and some basic information about brands to distinguish between authenticity and fake.


1Levi’s jeans

When you purchase an original Levis, you will find that the back pocket will always have an Arc shaping stitching. Some Levi jeans display the rare an authentic signature. The signature on the tab is written using a lower case “e. “If you come across pants with an upper case”E”, you are definitely looking at a duplicate instead of an original.

Image Source: cdnser.be

Look for a serial number

The flat top of the metallic button is engraved with the Levi Strauss signature. The reverse side is bound to have the style serial number. In case of a stud, it will be definitely produced with copper with a serial number inside and outside.

Image Source: myketolife.me

2Lacoste polo

The buttons have variegated colour as they are mostly made of mother-of-pearl. The buttons are mostly flat with two holes for needles without any writing on it.

The green crocodile on the classic styles is stitched separately and only attached thereafter. It is usually located to the side of the buttons where the crocodile’s body parts are easily distinguished. This is where most people get fooled. Men’s T-shirts tend to have small side elevations whereas women’s ones do not.

Image Source: travel-z.ru

3Victoria’s Secret bathing suit

All Victoria Secret bathing suits are made of double cloth. You can separate the two layers to confirm the originality. The originals come in five main sizes whereas the copies only in three. The bras and underwear are signed in the same manner in case of originals. China and Sri Lanka are the manufacturing countries. The tags come only in pink, black, white or transparent.

Image Source: novi.ba

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