15 Cooking Hacks Which Will Save Your Next Dish

You might say you are a good cook and you might even be great at crisis cooking but does that mean you have it all sorted out in the kitchen? We know there are stuff you still haven’t figured out like cooking a pasta to perfection or layering up a cake right. Sometimes we even get some basics wrong especially when we are desperate for better results.


This should not make you fret. We all have our bad days of the kitchen. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn to cook better or faster. The key to a good dish is just smart cooking and that’s exactly what you need to be a good cook. These quick hacks will not only save you time in kitchen but will also save the dishes

1The fish always sticks

One of the biggest problems while cooking fish is that it sticks to the pan. Non-stick pans are not a great help either. The best way to make sure your fish doesn’t stick to the pan while cooking is by prepping the pan. Before you add the oil, heat up the pan and bring it to a point where it can start cooking. Then add the oil. The room temperature oil in a very hot pan will make cooking the fish easier.

The fish always sticks

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2The perfect flat top

We know you strive for a perfect flat top cake whenever you are baking. But our cakes almost always end up coming out domed shape after baking, mainly because the blend rises up too much while in the oven. But if you want a flat top cake just coat the baked form with a wet cloth and keep it on for around 10 minutes. You’ll see that the cake’s surface is weighed down.

The perfect flat top

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3Are you using caramelised sugar?

Caramelised sugar can transform your cooking. Most people go for regular sugar or other forms of synthetic sugar while baking. But try caramelised sugar the next time you are making a dessert. Remember you can moderate how caramelised you want your sugar. You can put it in water for an hour which will give it a simple caramel tinge. Or you can put it in for 4 hours which will give you granulated sugar which you can also use for frosting.

Using caramelised sugar

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4A secret to perfect juice

Don’t you just hate it when you find seeds in your lemon juice? Let us introduce you to a hack which will make your mornings better. Wrap the fruit with a thin cheesecloth before you squeeze it for a juice. This way the seeds get stuck into the cloth and don’t make their way to your juice. This may be more time consuming but trust us when we tell you it’s worth it.

A secret to perfect juice

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5To get an incredible chocolate melt

We often try to melt chocolate chips cookies but they almost always end up lumpy. To get a good texture on your chocolate chip melt put the chips in heat-resistant jars and place them in slow cookers. This is the perfect way to melt chocolate chips as they all melt at the same time and produce an even and smooth blend.

Incredible chocolate melt

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