15 Cheap Cleaning Tips and Hacks to Keep Your Home Spotless and Clean

Every homemaker knows how difficult it is to keep a home clean. When you have a large home especially and a big family, it can be a headache making sure all the corners are free from dust and mould. Utensils, fittings and almost everything can get quite dirty but fortunately, with the right knowledge and hacks, cleaning would be much easier. To keep your home shining and spotless, this 15 excellent cheap cleaning tips.


1Removing hard water stains on your faucet

Did you know vinegar is a good cleaning agent? Wrap the faucet for 30-60 minutes with a paper towel soaked in vinegar. You can also use vinegar for removing water stains from your dishes. But don’t go using your expensive apple cider vinegar, just regular vinegar would do.

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2Removing tough stains from carpet

Preheat your iron then mix ammonia and hot waterone part each in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the stain then place a clean towel on it and place the preheated iron slowly around so as to avoid singeing the carpet. If you’ve tried getting a stain out yourself, but haven’t had any luck, maybe resorting to getting in touch with a carpet cleaning laguna beach for example may be the next route that you may want to take. At least this way, you’ll know that a job like this is left to the professionals. Continue this process depending on how tough the stain is; also you will need more towels. It might also be worth buying some pet stain removers which really help removing stains if the carpet is badly discoloured.

How to remove tough stains from carpet
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3Whitening old yellow pillows

Mix 1 cup of powdered laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent, ½ cup of borax in a large pot and boil it in water until it dissolves completely. Take a large container and add 1 cup of bleach and mix it with the mixture. Soak the pillow for at least 30 minutes, flip them halfway and then let it have a full wash cycle in a washing machine. Make sure your pillows are washable.

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4Remove odors from your garbage disposal

Fill an ice cube tray with white vinegar and then add a small chunk of lemon in each cube. You can then use these frozen vinegar-lemon cubes to remove the smell from your garbage disposal.

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5Cleaning dishwasher

Clean the bottom rack of your dishwasher and fill the dishwasher-safe bowl with white vinegar and keep it on the top rack of your dishwasher. Run it through a cycle using the hottest water setting and after the cycle use generous amount of baking powder and sprinkle it around the bottom, yet running another short cycle. In case of mold, use 1 cup of bleach and hot water and run through a short cycle. Don’t use bleach if the interior is stainless steel.

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