Celebrities Use These Simple And Easy Hacks To Get The Perfect Picture

Have you ever noticed how good celebrities look in their photos? The obvious reason for that is that they are being photographed by professionals with incredible light, makeup and stylists around. But what about the photos they take themselves? They still look incredible in those too.


This is because there are certain tricks that celebrities use to make themselves look incredible in every image. These could’ve been taught by others or the celebrity learned it themselves. These are not that hard to do and quite easy to learn and perform. Once you master these you will look incredible in every photo you take.

1Don’t look at the camera

This is a great way to look dramatic as well as great in your photos. You can either ask a friend to take the photo or keep your phone on a stand and activate the timer and prepare yourself. When you look away from the camera it gives the sense of wonder to the viewer as to what you were looking at.


Image Source: ngoisao.vn

2Your best side is your left side

This is something that Ariana Grande made famous. The young singer always poses for the camera with her left side of her face in front. Many fans noticed this and then saw a pattern with other celebrities who do the same. You can give it a try and see which side of your face is better suited in photos.


Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

3The science behind this

Believe it or not but researchers have actually looked into this phenomenon and have come up with a reason why it occurs. It was a study conducted at the Wake Forest University which resulted in the “right-hemisphere hypothesis”. According to this the right side of your brain is responsible for perceiving and expressing emotions visually and as a result of that the left side of your face is more active.


Image Source: yimg.co

4Smile while laughing

Everyone smiles in their photos but have you tried smiling while laughing? This has been said to make a person look younger and like they’re having a lot of fun. This basically brings out your adorable side of you and if you want people to know you’re enjoying yourself you should take more photos like this.


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Image Source: www.albeu.com


5The arm on your hip

You may have noticed one common pose in every celebrity picture, the arm on the hip. Many professional models have said that this helps make the overall image better. If you take a photo of a single person the background will always look empty if the person is standing still and in a straight line. If the person has their arms on their hips, this adds a bit of volume to the person’s stance and makes them look more noticeable.

Image Source: bestlifeonline.com


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