15 Brilliant Space Saving Ideas To Make Your Home Feel Cozier

It is always said that home is where the heart is and that can be made even nicer when you have a warm and cozy home. You should never be intimidated by the size of your home
because with several innovative interior ideas or home hacks, you will be surprised how much you can pack into a small home and still make it look spacious and inviting. A house transforms into a home with its atmosphere, its occupants and how the interiors reflect the personality of its members. Here are some pretty neat ideas on how to utilize the maximum space in your home by adding a modern touch.


1 A classy bunk bed that saves space

You can change your traditional beds for this bunk bed to give your room the extra space it needs to look good and also provide some functionality. The extra space can be used for play or study space for kids. This is a good example of the minimalistic design that is visually easy on the eyes.

Image Source: imgur.com


2Get the best of both worlds: a study and a sitting area

If you cannot decide whether you need a desk or a sofa in your rook, then you can actually have both with this space saving design. It is a minimalist design that allows you space for books and papers.

Image Source: raviraj.club


3Use vertical space

You can use vertical space to double a room by having a bed atop your work space or vice versa. The 2 in 1 design makes complete use of vertical space and reflects a futuristic design. You can utilize the top floor for whatever you wish such as a private reading space or an extra bed.

Image Source: brightside.me


4A desk that doubles as a vanity

Instead of using just a traditional drawer, you can modify and get the table lifted for making under the hood storage space. You can have a mirror attached on the underside and a classy vanity where you can keep stuff in one place. You could even get it customized to use like a craft corner or study desk. If you like the idea of getting a vanity, but aren’t too sure how you want it to look, then why don’t you check out something like these farmhouse bathroom vanity ideas to give you a better idea of what it could look like, if you wanted to.

Image Source: gorzavel.com


5Murphy beds are the future

Murphy beds are excellent choices for homes with less space. These give you a nice design and great function too. They are multifunctional furniture that can be used as a sofa in the day and a bed for sleeping at night.

Image Source: wixstatic.com


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