11 Body Care Rules That Doctors Say Are Unsafe to Ignore

Women have reported that dry skin is their most common problem. 42% spend more than $200 a year to solve it including issues that may lead to faster aging. But it is also important to know how to use cosmetics so you don’t harm your skin even more. For example, there are certain rules for using clay masks which should be followed to avoid making your skin even dryer. Here are 11 helpful and valid body care rules as suggested by doctors that will undoubtedly improve your quality of life and teach you how to take care of your body.


1 Leave clay masks on for only a short time

Masks can be very helpful in making your facial skin appear younger, but sometimes they can affect your skin with an opposite reaction. Dermatologists have stated that excess oil can be absorbed by clay. Thus, it is advised to not leave the mask on your face for a long time as your skin can become very dry. It only needs to absorb a certain amount of oil. Rinse it off after 2-5 minutes as soon as you feel that it has become tight.

Body Care Rules That Doctors Say Are Unsafe to Ignore

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2Follow a certain order while applying cosmetics

Among body care rules, Dr. Dendy Engelman, suggests some good tips which can improve your daily routine for skincare. Firstly, you should apply the first layer with a product that has the least consistency, for example, apply toner first, then serums and ampoules. Lastly, you should apply sunscreen. You should apply sunscreen daily and not just in summer. Your skin can get damaged just by being in the sun for 10-15 minutes which causes faster aging.

Applying cosmetics

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3Pick a day to relax during the week

To take care of your body means to give it time off too. You should make it a point to take one day off from your work. Be free from obligations and intense thinking at least once a week. It may sound easy but the problem is that people don’t really allow themselves to relax but this is needed at least once a week because according to research, today work stress levels are much higher and experienced by at least 50% workers. Even if a break is skipped, that increases the stress and exhaustion. Taking a break changes your life and makes it better. It also improves your immune system and makes you live longer.

Pick a day to relax during the week

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