7 Best Ways Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your House

1Cover up your fruit (or wash it as soon as you bring it home).

Fruit flies need moisture like fermenting or decaying food to live off it or lay eggs on it. So, store your fruits in a bag or cover them with fruit cloth or bowls. Washing and carefully fry out the fruits that you keep out like bananas or apples will also keep the flies away as there is no moisture to absorb or infest the fruit through.

Cover up your fruit (or wash it as soon as you bring it home)

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2Empty your trash regularly.

Empty out your garbage bins, trash cans regularly and wash them out and sun dry them if possible once a week at least. This will drastically reduce any sort of fruit fly or insect infestations in your house or kitchen.

Empty your trash regularly

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3Use liners and trash bags.

Smallest piece of a rotten vegetable or fruit or tiniest leakage in the bottom of the trash can or garbage bin can invite a whole mob if fruit flies. So, use a liner or trash bags on your garbage bins both in the kitchen as well as bathroom.

Use liners and trash bags

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4Don’t forget your recycling bin!

Recycling bins are also another area where these fruit flies get attracted too and are always hovering over. You must use trash liner or trash bag here as well and after emptying it out if you are not changing the liner then either wipe it or wash it and dry it before you use it.

Don't forget your recycling bin

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