14 Bedroom-Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

10 Matching furniture

Never opt to get bedroom sets as they are really passé and lack the imaginative and creative style. That is why it’s never a good idea to design your room with a one-and-done deal. It’s not necessary to have your armoires, dressers, and nightstands matching each other. In fact, by using your own creative choice to select furniture for your bedroom, you will be able to pick more functional pieces. Experts advise you to select stylish and spacious nightstands that have larger surfaces to hold more stuff like bedside accessories and lamps.

Matching furniture

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11 Bad art placement

When it comes to hanging up art in your room, the key is to be smart because a small mistake can lead it to be out of alignment with the surrounding furniture in your bedroom. As such, it is necessary to carefully hang them up. Make sure that you don’t hang up artwork too high above your bed or floating in space. Depending on the individual piece and space of the art, it should be hung on your wall, but the ideal height is 4 inches from the top of the bed.

Bad art placement

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12 Uncanny ceiling fixtures

Sometimes you get ceiling fans with a light attached to them and that is probably the worst idea for a ceiling fixture. Not only does it look problematic, it doesn’t even look pleasant or pretty to say the least. It would be better to have a chandelier on a dimmer as overhead light and the rest of the lights in your room should be lamps. Soft lighting will really make your room look more pleasant and comfortable.

Uncanny ceiling fixtures

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13 The wrong reading lights

Using a spotlight as a ‘reading light’ is a big no-no for the bedroom. Spotlights are only meant for stage performances and you should always get proper lamps or wall sconces to use as reading lights. Set them up at comfortable reading heights on each side of the bed along with a dimmer. These lights are more appropriate for the task and are even visually more interesting.

The wrong reading lights

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14 Bulbs that are visible

When you are laying in bed and you notice the lightbulb clearly sticking out from underneath the lampshade, the sight can really spoil your mood. It’s best to have custom lampshades that cover up the sight of bare bulbs. Such lampshades should be included in all décor proposals.

Bulbs that are visible

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