14 Bedroom-Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

5 Rugs that are too small

Smaller rooms don’t necessarily mean that you have to get smaller rugs. If you think about it, the proportions of the room are all that matters. People often get the wrong idea and purchase rugs that are so small, they end up covering only the bottom half of the bed. The ideal size of any bedroom rug should go right up to the front of the nightstand and cover both sides of the bed.

Rugs that are too small

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6 Too much stuff in your small-sized room

Many people like having good furniture in their bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean you can try and cram in everything that you like into your limited bedroom space. Having too many pieces of décor and furniture in your room is a big mistake. While storage is necessary, the main purpose of your bedroom is to have enough of space to stretch out and relax.

Too much stuff in your small-sized room

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7 Very little furniture

Having too much furniture can make your bedroom seem crammed, but having too little can also make your bedroom seem sterile and plain. Bedrooms should be made to look inviting and cozy. The best way to make your bedroom this without having to add unnecessary clutter is by using a show-stopping wallcovering to sheath the walls. Some good wall coverings include Fromental’s toile which is embroidered with silk wallpaper and sports koi fishing meandering around lily pads or Kravet’s paper that resembles slices of agate. These can make your bedroom seem soothing but never like a snooze.

Very little furniture

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8 Too many pillows

When it comes to decorative pillows you need to have a good number of pretty and practical ones. Having too many decorative pillows can be a bit difficult to maintain since you will have to make and remake them every morning. Expert designers suggest sticking to three layers of pillows starting with the ones you sleep on, then the larger-sized Euros, and perhaps one long bolster to complete the look.

Too many pillows

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9 Mirror facing your bed

It’s not a good idea to place a large mirror in front of your bed or facing your bed, as it is considered to be bad Feng Shui. Your own reflections in the mirror can affect your subconscious mind, especially when you sleep. It could make you think that there are other people with you in the room which could possibly disturb your sleep.

Mirror facing your bed

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