14 Bedroom-Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

Bedroom-design mistakes are more common than you think. In fact, even in-the-know designers tend to regard these errors as an eyesore. From the layout of your bedroom to the size of your furniture, everything needs to be taken into consideration when designing your bedroom. So, here is what you need to know in order to avoid these 14-common bedroom-design mistakes.


1Headboards that are too short

No one would like their headboard getting lost behind their bedding, right? But if you have a small or short headboard, then you will always have to fish it out from behind the bedding every now and then. The headboard can be a real showstopper in your bedroom, but it can serve this function only when it is visible. The appropriate size for headboards should be at least 60 inches up from the floor, but it still depends on your room’s proportions and the bed-size.

Headboards that are too short

Image Source: mobileimages.lowes.com


2 Huge mattresses

Rather than purchase an oversized mattress which may or may not fit your bed’s dimensions, opt to get a custom-made mattress that fits your bed perfectly. People often make this mistake which makes their bed skirts and overall frame look disproportional in size. Moreover, the mattress tends to overtake everything in the bedroom.

Huge mattresses

Image Source: www.grabon.in


3 Small-sized pillows

Pillows that are too small are actually quite sad and can make your room seem smaller as well. Having bolsters that are too tiny can be a bit lamentable as well. It may look as if you started using the pillows that you used to keep in your baby’s crib.

Small-sized pillows

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4 Old linen bedsheets

Old linen sheets should not be on your bed any longer because they just make your bed and bedroom look dull and lifeless. Most of your old sheets are probably too worn out and deflated as well. Using old sheets on a new, fresh, and fluffy bed is definitely not a good combination.

Old linen bedsheets

Image Source: www.primermagazine.com


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