8 Struggles that only dark haired girls will understand!!

If you are a blonde, you can get away with many things in your day-to-day life. There are things that blonde girls take for granted thinking that they are not big things for them. But the brunettes may kill for exactly those things. Things such as not washing your hair for days and getting away with it, easily bathing in the sun without feeling extremely hot or getting to play Cinderella in the school play and not getting cast as Jasmine every time.


Here are 8 more such struggles that brunettes or dark haired girls face in their lives.

1 Arms

Blonde girls are blessed with the power of lighter color of hair on not only their head, but also on other parts of body. Especially the arms, which are exposed for extended periods of times and in summers, you cannot think of wearing something that covers those arms.


For blonde girls, they can go without shaving their arms for a couple of days to even a week before the hairs become noticeable. But for the dark haired girls, it is impossible to go 2 days without someone noticing and commenting on the arm hair.


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2 Roots ruin your dyeing

Blondes can easily play with the color of their hair. They can dye it in any color and the roots also get colored or even if they are not dyed, they don’t stick out like sore thumbs in your hair color. Whereas for the dark haired people, dyeing their hair in other colors don’t go so well, because of, yes your guess is correct. The roots of dark haired people do not get colored and stick out like anything if you color your hair.

Roots ruin your dyeing

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3 Assumptions

Having brunette or dark hair means that people assume that you are automatically the smartest person in the room. The stereo type of a dumb blonde and smart black haired person has been the bane for dark haired people. Not saying that dark haired people are dumb, but the assumption may not be correct always.


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4 Shaving

Again being blonde can get you 3-4 days before shaving your legs and armpits. Blonde or light hair don’t show up as easily as dark hair and if you have dark hair, you cannot even afford to skip a day more, because even a little stubble will attract attention of people when you lift your arm in that awesome black sleeveless dress.


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5 Extra hot

It is a scientific fact that dark colors attract and trap heat, while light colored keeps the heat away. That’s why people with dark hair feel hotter than blondes or light haired people as their hair seem to keep their head extra hot. Hence wear a cap or a hat if you have dark hair and visit the beach for the day.

Extra hot

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6 Visible Dandruff

Again, if you have just a little bit of dandruff and have light hair, no one notices and you get some extra time to get rid of that pesky little problem. But if you have dark colored hair, the dandruff is noticeable like lights on a landing strip. You will have people pointing and laughing in no time.

Visible Dandruff

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7 Greys show up early

Black hair means that when you start getting grey hair it will be more noticeable in the hair of dark haired people than a light haired person. You just cannot help it. Though on the bright side, the salt and pepper look is deemed hot and if you can carry it, you can see this as a positive point.

 Greys show up early

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