8 Struggles that only dark haired girls will understand!!


If you are a blonde, you can get away with many things in your day-to-day life. There are things that blonde girls take for granted thinking that they are not big things for them. But the brunettes may kill for exactly those things. Things such as not washing your hair for days and getting away with it, easily bathing in the sun without feeling extremely hot or getting to play Cinderella in the school play and not getting cast as Jasmine every time.

Here are 8 more such struggles that brunettes or dark haired girls face in their lives.

1 Arms

Blonde girls are blessed with the power of lighter color of hair on not only their head, but also on other parts of body. Especially the arms, which are exposed for extended periods of times and in summers, you cannot think of wearing something that covers those arms.


For blonde girls, they can go without shaving their arms for a couple of days to even a week before the hairs become noticeable. But for the dark haired girls, it is impossible to go 2 days without someone noticing and commenting on the arm hair.


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