7 Amazing tricks that your Cell Phone can do which you may not be aware of


By now you must be thoroughly irritated at the many articles telling you what your smartphone can do when you’ve known them all along. But!! Stop, pause and read for a moment. You’ll be surprised at the tricks your smartphone can do which you most probably don’t know as yet.

1 Turn your cell phone into a listening device

You can manipulate your phone to become a baby monitor or listening device just like a spy tool. Follow the instructions here.


If you want to test it, place your cell phone in the required location; call it after setting up as instructed. Once it answers, you can listen in on anything.

Turn your cell phone into a listening device

Image Source: www.dmty.pl


2 Locking your phone permanently

If you happen to lose your phone or if it gets stolen, the best way to protect your data is to lock it permanently. If there is no chance of retrieving your phone, then call up the cell phone company and ask them to lock your phone using its IMEI special 15 digit number assigned and unique to every phone. To find out your cell phone IMEI code, dial *#6#. If you have an android, you can even lock your phone from Google. You can also inquire here.

Locking your phone permanently

Image Source: www.brightside.me

3 Turning your phone into a microscope

Among the tricks your smart phone can do is act like a microscope. In order to see objects too small for the naked eye, all you need is a small lens and your cell phone. You can make your own DIY microscope that magnifies pictures where you can even watch nuclei of cells. The instructions for doing so are here.

Turning your phone into a microscope

Image Source: www.smedata.sk


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