6 Makeup mistakes that make you look older than you are


Makeup is an art, and mastering this art is not any easier than walking on a double-edged sword. Agreed, that with the right strokes and techniques, you can look like a million dollars, but one wrong move and kaput! Enough to dim all your shine and make you look like an old hag. You don’t want that, do you? So, to save you from the epic fall which can turn any Cinderella to Nanny McPhee, here are some makeup mistakes that you must avoid.

1 Choosing to Hard Line Your Pucker

This is one very common mistake that women make nowadays. Ever since, lip liners came out as a buzz, a lot of women have invested oodles of time and effort in lining their lips correctly. There are no two ways about the fact that lip liners can make your lips look fuller but they can also make you look older. If you still want to use liners to lock in the color, make sure the lipstick and liners are of the same shade.

Choosing to Hard Line Your Pucker

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2 Lining the Bottom Line of Your Eyes Only

In an interview with Elle, Kimberly Soane, the Director of Artistry at Bobbi Brown, said, “So many women I talk to say ‘I only line the bottom’, and when I ask them why, they say because ‘It’s easier.’ It’s tragic; top liner is mandatory.” It is certainly easier to apply eyeliner on the lower waterline, but it makes your eyes appear smaller.

Overall, it makes you look aged. Don’t forget to apply liner on the upper lash line as well. This will brighten up your face and your eyes will look bigger. Ignoring the top liner and going with the lower eye liner only is a common makeup mistake that you must avoid.

Lining the Bottom Line of Your Eyes Only

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3 Using Wrong Shade (Or Too Much) Foundation

This one is another VERY common makeup mistake that women make. If you think that the only solution to fine lines is to cover them under sheaths of foundation, your basic knowledge of makeup needs to be revisited. Using too much foundation can make you look older as the product may set into the creases of your fine lines, making them more prominent. As a resort, make sure you use the right kind of product that blends well with the tone and texture of your skin. Also, use a decent amount that does not give you a caked appearance.

 Using Wrong Shade (Or Too Much) Foundation

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