3 Home Spa Bath Accessories You Must Have

Any bathroom that has the right bath accessories can surely seem to be a luxurious retreat. Taking the simple bath equipment, a level above, luxurious bath accessories help you create a relaxing ambiance in your own bathroom.


A good bath is known to do miracles for one’s mood. So, when you wish to bring out the best of your bath, where do you buy the good stuff? Well, you can start looking for bath accessories online from premium brands like Vega, who offer an exclusive range of beauty and care products for you to choose from.

To begin, you can start with these three must-have bath accessories if you want to relish a spa feeling at home.


1Bath Brush

A bath brush is one of the most common and sumptuous spa-bath accessories. Beneficial for both your skin and your body, dry brushing with a bath brush helps your skin to maintain a natural glow. Bath brushes usually come with a long handle to help you wash and clean your back with ease. Similarly, the detachable head comes off a bath brush and can be removed to wash your back, legs, and chest. Storing a bath brush is easy as it has a comfortable hanging rope and canvas harness for easy carrying or storage.

What’s more? Since the bath brush is detachable and has a rear collar, it makes scrubbing your upper body super-duper quick. Also, the hair bristles of a bath brush are generally neither too neither hard nor too gentle as there is a perfect balance of coarseness that delivers the perfect scrubbing.

Bath Brush

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2Loofah Relaxer

Loofahs derive their name from the fibrous, gourd-like plant called luffa, which was picked and stripped for centuries to expose a spongy, cylindrical inner core. The coating has a rugged, squishy feel making it an excellent natural absorber and exfoliator.


Amongst the many names, premium brands like Vega provide a range of 100% natural bath accessories. Did you know that regular use of bath accessories like a loofah helps cleanse, massage and exfoliate your entire body and support regeneration of healthy skin? You can use a loofah relaxer to scrub, massage, and exfoliate your whole body, and feel rejuvenated, like you would in a spa.

Loofah Relaxer

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3Bath Sponge

Bath sponges are excellent for exfoliating and removing the dead skin. With a bath sponge, you can massage your skin to keep it soft and renew your skin more healthily. You can buy bath accessories online to explore your options and get the finest sponge for a deep wash and proper skin regeneration. Leading brands like Vega offer options of bath sponge in a balled-up pattern made from the best of netting fibers that develop luxurious lather when wet, which glides over the skin quickly.

Unlike other sponges, a bath sponges by Vegadoesn’tfeel gritty or scratchy. It exfoliates the skin well and leaves behind a smooth and beautiful looking skin. It can be used for taking care of drier and rougher skin parts such as elbows, hips, and toes. Once you are done exfoliating, you can hang the bath sponge on a bath tap with its slinging loop.


Natural products, a calming ambiance and your favorite music can all add to a serene, spa-like atmosphere.

With premium beauty brands like Vega, you get to choose bath accessories that are perfect for your skin. All the products are 100% organic to make your bath experience calm, relaxing, and natural. The best part? All bath accessories from Vega are affordable and can be bought on Vega’s online store. So, go add to cart now.

Bath Sponge

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