18 Brilliant Ideas to Use Ordinary Things in an Extraordinary Way

We live in a consumer-oriented world where we tend to purchase utilities for solving common problems at home. Little do we know that there are many items lying around at work and home which can be used in different ways? It just requires some creative thinking and ingenuity how to use it. It could be a file holder or a simple magnet, but they could be used to make our lives very convenient and make things cleaner and organized at home. Read on to find out how you can use everyday things in the most extraordinary ways. And, the best part of it all is that it won’t cost you a dime.


1 Using a shower cap to store shoes

Sometimes due to lack of space in a bag while travelling, it becomes difficult to carry a pair of shoes. But you can actually transport and store a pair of shoes in just a shower cap. The shower cap will protect the shoes from water as well as your clothes if the shoes are wet or dirty.

Using a shower cap to store shoes

Image Source: www.saveti.rs


2Keeping small metallic items together

When you go for a trip with nail cutters, tweezers and other small metal items, it becomes hard to find them if you have kept them in different places. But you can actually use a magnet to keep all the metal items together, thus making it easy to find.

Keeping small metallic items together

Image Source: www.feedfond.com


3Opening a tight jar lid

Trying to open tight jar lids with a show of strength makes no sense. You can also use a tablespoon just to open it. This just requires a minimum amount of effort as shown in the image.

Opening a tight jar lid

Image Source: stackpathcdn.com


4Travelling with laundry

When we travel with dirty clothes, we might feel embarrassed about the bad odor. But here is a simple trick, all you have to do is put a soap bar while packing your dirty clothes. The bad odor will be masked and instead, your clothes will have a fresh fragrance.

Travelling with laundry

Image Source: viralitytoday.com


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