15 Amazing Uses of Dryer Sheets to Make Work Convenient At Home

Dryer sheets have several uses other than drying. Not many know that dryer sheets are extremely versatile enough to be used in several other applications that can make work at home very convenient. Here are 15 other uses of dryer sheets.


1 Remove pet hair from clothes and carpets

Pet hair can easily be brushed off from smooth shirt or dress material but when you’re wearing garments such as suits, coats and trousers, it can stick and be annoying. Use a dryer sheet to remove the pet hair from clothes and even carpets and upholstery.


Remove pet hair from clothes and carpets using dryer sheets

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2 Use a dryer sheet for dusting

Never discard your dryer sheets because you can use them as an excellent duster for laptops and televisions. A dryer sheet is smooth and will produce enough friction to remove and attract dust so that dust doesn’t resettle on your gadgets and devices.

Use a dryer sheet for dusting

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3 Clean your gaming consoles

Besides laptops and television sets, it can also clean gaming consoles because it grabs dust and will produce an invisible barrier that reduces static electricity.


Clean your gaming consoles

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4 Air freshner

Sometimes your room may start smelling moldy in which case a dryer sheet will be useful. Remove the grates of your AC unit and place a new dryer sheet within it by taping it over the stats. You’ll soon notice the difference in the odor of your room. Change the sheet every week.

Use a dryer sheet for Air freshner

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5 Sharpen scissors

This sounds weird but cutting a dryer sheet with a blunt scissors will sharpen the scissors. Try it for yourself as this is really hard to believe for anyone.


Sharpen scissors with dryer sheets

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6 Clean your toilet

Use a dryer sheet to clean your sink, toilet tank and various areas in the bathroom that needs cleaning. A dryer sheet is excellent for this purpose. The dryer sheet cleans better than regular cleaning material.


Clean your toilet

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7 Remove odors from your shoe

Placing a dryer sheet in each shoe overnight will remove the smell of sweat and grime. A dryer sheet will actually neutralize and clean your shoe which will be odor free in the morning.


Use dryer sheets to Remove odors from your shoe

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8 Make cleaning pads

If you have a bunch of used dryer sheets, then there is no need to buy cleaning pads. Just use two dryer sheets which works just as well and you’re recycling too.


Make cleaning pads

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9 Clean ceiling fans

You don’t need to make an effort of climbing up ladders to clean the ceiling fans. Just attach two used dryer sheets to a long handled paint roller and secure them with a rubber band and your cleaning work becomes easier.


Clean ceiling fans with dryer sheets

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10 Clean your oven racks

Oven racks tend to get grimy. Just fill your bathtub with warm water, place your oven racks in the water with half a cup of soap and 8 dryer sheets. Soak this overnight and rub down with the dryer sheets in the morning. You can use it in a similar manner for cleaning grease from frying pans.


clean oven rack with dryer sheets

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11 Remove minerals in the dishwasher

Hard water can leave mineral deposits on your utensils which could make them start rusting. Use moistened dryer sheets to clean them effectively.


Remove minerals in the dishwasher

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12 Freshener for your dresser

If you want to neutralise the musty smell in your dresser, then add a few dryer sheets in each drawer. The musty odor will be removed and your clothes will smell better too.


Freshener for your dresser

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13 Freshen up a vacuum

If your vacuum stinks, then place some dryer sheets into the canister that holds the dirt. Do this before you vacuum. Your vacuum and your room will smell fresh.


Freshen up a vacuum

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14 Remove deodorant stains

If you notice that your deodorant has left a mark on your blouse, dress or shirt, don’t be alarmed. Just take a dryer sheet and wipe the stain away.

Remove deodorant stains

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15 Clean paintbrushes

Among other uses of dryer sheets, soaking paintbrushes in them along with steeped water is a great idea to keep your brushes clean. The latex paint just peels off easily.

Clean paintbrushes

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