15 Amazing Uses of Dryer Sheets to Make Work Convenient At Home


Dryer sheets have several uses other than drying. Not many know that dryer sheets are extremely versatile enough to be used in several other applications that can make work at home very convenient. Here are 15 other uses of dryer sheets.

1 Remove pet hair from clothes and carpets

Pet hair can easily be brushed off from smooth shirt or dress material but when you’re wearing garments such as suits, coats and trousers, it can stick and be annoying. Use a dryer sheet to remove the pet hair from clothes and even carpets and upholstery.


Remove pet hair from clothes and carpets using dryer sheets

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2 Use a dryer sheet for dusting

Never discard your dryer sheets because you can use them as an excellent duster for laptops and televisions. A dryer sheet is smooth and will produce enough friction to remove and attract dust so that dust doesn’t resettle on your gadgets and devices.

Use a dryer sheet for dusting

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3 Clean your gaming consoles

Besides laptops and television sets, it can also clean gaming consoles because it grabs dust and will produce an invisible barrier that reduces static electricity.

Clean your gaming consoles

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4 Air freshner

Sometimes your room may start smelling moldy in which case a dryer sheet will be useful. Remove the grates of your AC unit and place a new dryer sheet within it by taping it over the stats. You’ll soon notice the difference in the odor of your room. Change the sheet every week.

Use a dryer sheet for Air freshner

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