13 Common Mistakes We All Make When Washing Clothes

Washing your clothes is one of the basic chores you learn from an early age. But, most people tend to make some common washing mistakes that they aren’t even aware of. To keep your clothes clean and beautiful, you will need to learn how to wash them properly.


Here are some of the most widespread mistakes people make when washing their clothes:

1Using an excessive amount of washing powder

Adding too much washing powder to wash your clothes will only cause too much foam to form which then collects dirt in certain parts of your clothes like your shirt’s collar. This will only make the clothes even dirtier which should definitely not be the case after you’ve just washed it.

Using an excessive amount of washing powder

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2Using fabric softeners for towels as well

Fabric conditioners are not something you would want to use on your towels. This is because these conditioning agents contain chemical compounds which can damage the fabric of towels. It causes the towels to lose their absorption capacity which is why you should always wash your towels separately.

Using fabric softeners for towels as well

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3Not sorting your clothes before washing them

Not sorting your clothes properly before throwing them into the washed can be considered as the common washing mistakes that everyone makes quite often. This can prove to be somewhat problematic for you later because you wouldn’t want to have to look for matching socks once you are done with washing your clothes right? Having to search for them among the heap of washed clothes can be really tiresome and time-consuming.

Not sorting your clothes before washing them

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4Removing stains in the wrong way

Trying to lift a stain with vigorous scrubbing will only ruin the texture of your clothes or will result in new holes. Stains need to be gently washed off. To save your clothes from being ruined by stains and preventing holes at the same time, simply put some white fabric over the stain and soak it for some time.

Removing stains in the wrong way

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