10 Natural Ways To Dehumidify Your Room

8Use vent dryers

Instead of using a dryer machine line your clothes out to dry. Although, sometimes it is necessary to use a dryer, especially if it is raining, in which case you should make sure that it is fully vented. A condenser dryer is much better, since it traps most of the moisture in an internal reservoir.

Use vent dryers

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9Use dry heat sources

Switch to using dry heat sources wherever possible in your home. As efficient as gas central heating is, it can intensify the humidity in your already humid home. You can warm the air in your home while keeping it dry at the same time by using a wood-burning stove or space heater.

Use dry heat sources

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10Use Dri-Z-Air

Dri-Z-Air is yet another easily available at your nearest hardware store product which is cost-effective as well. It also contains crystals which absorb the excess humidity from the air. These crystals are made up of non-toxic calcium chloride. This product doesn’t need electricity to work and each individual unit works well for a 10’ x 10’ area.


Simply empty the crystals into the container (made of recycled plastic) which is provided or you can even make one of your own. Store container of crystals someplace where it won’t be moved around frequently. Once the moisture collects in the container, dump the liquid in a toilet or sewer and replenish the crystals.

How to use it:

  • Line a colander with vinyl screen and fill it with Dri-Z-Air.
  • Place this colander into a larger bowl or bucket so that the moisture collected by the crystals gets deposited in the bowl or bucket.
  • Once the crystals are all liquefied pour out the contents from the bowl or bucket and repeat the process once again with some new crystals.

It’s also important to not go over bored with your dehumidifying measure since a moderate amount of humidity is desirable in a home. Take only the necessary steps and keep monitoring the humidity levels in your home to create a confortable and cozy living environment. Hope you have understood the above-mentioned natural ways to dehumidify your room clearly to have the rest of the benefits.

Use Dri-Z-Air

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