10 Natural Ways To Dehumidify Your Room

4Remove indoor plants

Moisture emitted from plants can directly impact the humidity levels in your home. So, if you do have any indoor plants, it would be best to move them outside. As an alternative you can keep synthetic plants in doors.

Remove indoor plants

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5Fix any leaks in your house

Water marks or rings appearing on your wall are the signs of leaky pipe somewhere in your house. Get a plumber to investigate it because leaks are also responsible for increasing humidity levels. Be sure to check all the pipes for any cracks or any loose faucets. However, when you notice water stains on your ceilings, then it means that water is coming in through the roof or gutters.

Fix any leaks in your house

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6Don’t take long showers

In most homes, the bathroom is the biggest source of humidity, especially the showers. While taking showers ensure that your ventilation fans are on and running. You should even leave the doors and windows of your bathroom open for at least 30 minutes after taking a shower. But, if you shorten the time you spend taking a shower, you can really reduce the amount of moisture which gets released in your home.

Don’t take long showers

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7Use DampRid

You can control high humidity in your home and greenhouse with DampRid. This product comes in a hanging packet, or as a spreadable power, or as a bucket. The crystals inside absorb moisture and harden and turn into a solid mass. The little white crystals are a chemical compound composed of calcium and chlorine and are generated by a limestone. While the crystals are typically colorless or white, small amounts of mineral deposits cause the crystals to take on a faint rust color.


DampRid can be found in most hardware and home repair stores and costs $5 or less. It is extremely user-friendly and you can visually monitor its effectiveness visually. It doesn’t cause much of a mess either since it is self-contained.

Use DampRid

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