10 Hacks That Can Teach You How to Wear Socks More Comfortably

8Hide your ankles in cold weather

Shortened pants are a popular choice of clothing that can even be worn in any weather. They can be worn during severe cold and some fashionistas walk around with naked ankles while wearing shorts. But these days anything that puts your health at risk is considered to be an anti-trend. As such, in cold weather or winters there shouldn’t be any gap left between the pant legs and the shoes. So, cropped socks will have to be kept back in the wardrobe and you should start wearing medium-length socks. Bright and colorful pattern medium-length socks will help you freshen up your look too.

Hide your ankles in cold weather

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9The best look to match knee-high socks

Any type of sock even knee-high socks can be pulled off perfectly for a casual springtime look, if you know how to mix and match your clothes and shoes. For instance, purple-colored knee-high socks will go well with a purple scarf and a suitable pair of shoes to complete your spring-on-its-way look.

The best look to match knee-high socks

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10Your look will be ruined by flesh-colored nylon socks

Wearing socks with open footwear is considered to be shameful mostly by parents. This is the reason why they would wear flesh-colored nylon stockings that kept their feet protected from blisters. Still many people follow this example, but style experts state that beige socks make you look unkempt, as they are totally visible to the naked eye and make your appearance look ugly. For closed footwear, it’s recommended to opt for socks that are made out of natural materials. The only good use for nylon socks in the flesh-tone color is for trying on footwear at the shoe stores.

Flesh-colored nylon socks

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